By IQT News posted 07 Dec 2018

(Forbes) Quantum physics is all around us according to author Chad Orzel. He goes on to explain how the universe runs on quantum rules, and that there are lots of familiar, everyday phenomena that owe their existence to quantum effects. Three everyday objects powered by the principles of quantum physics are:
1) Toaster: The red glow of a heating element as you toast a slice of bread or a bagel is the place where quantum physics got its start: Explaining why hot objects glow that particular color of red is the problem that quantum physics was invented to solve.
2) Fluorescent Bulbs: The long tubes or the newer twisty CFL bulbs are providing light from another revolutionary quantum process. Niels Bohr suggested that there are certain special states in which an electron can happily orbit the nucleus of an atom, and that atoms absorb and emit light as they move between those states.
3) Computer: Every time you turn on your computer you’re exploiting the wave nature of electrons, and the unprecedented control of materials that allows. Every modern computer needs quantum physics to work properly.

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