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Three Future Career Opportunities in the Quantum Computing Sector

By IQT News posted 27 Sep 2021

(CityTelegraph) Quantum computers are one of the most promising approaches for advancing into completely new spheres of computer performance. The development is still in a very early phase.
Initially, quantum computers will be used by researchers – later on, economic applications should follow. Therefore, especially for students and young professionals, now is the right time to take a closer look at which job profiles will be boosted by quantum technology and which new job profiles could emerge.

Quantum Job # 1: Cyber ​​Security Expert
In the next few years, companies and government organizations must prepare for this new quantum age of cybersecurity and prepare themselves against attacks. At the same time, quantum-based forms of encryption will be developed. This race will offer many exciting career opportunities.

Quantum job # 2: drug and materials researcher
We have to make extremely complex simulations of chemical and biological processes to create new drugs. Conventional computers sometimes fail to calculate such models at the molecular level. Quantum computers, which are particularly suitable for such calculations, could change that. Wherever biology, chemistry and medicine meet knowledge in the field of quantum technology, highly sought-after job profiles will emerge.

Quantum job # 3: System and process control expert
Quantum computers offer the potential to make complex systems more efficient, error-free and easier to control. Anyone who combines knowledge of production and processes with an understanding of quantum technology shouldn’t have to worry about a well-paid job for the foreseeable future.

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