By IQT News posted 15 Mar 2021

(IQT-NYC) Thomas Ehmer, Innovation Incubator Lead at Merck KGaA, has agreed to speak on Panel 3: “Quantum Computing and the Design of New Drugs and Materials” at 2:40 on May 20 at IQT-NYC Online.
Thomas joined Merck KGaA in September 2000 where since then he is scouting novel technologies in different roles, starting in Business Development, then over in IT and Analyst roles. In his normal life he is Innovation Incubator in Merck’s Healthcare R&D Informatics Team and tests novel technology for its value to be applied to the Merck Group. This ranges from smart wearables and bioelectronics over to fundamental new technology, like neuromorphic and quantum technology (sensing, computing). He has a PhD in Physics, with thesis in computational Medical Biophysics from the University of Heidelberg.
His passion lies in paradigm shifts and transformation – exploring how culture, technology, ancient wisdom and individual neuroanatomical diversity did and do impact the world views and with that also the primary understanding of problems, as well as the potential solution that emerge when approaching todays’ problems with playful curiosity, different mindsets and paradigms. Specific to Quantum Mechanics, he beliefs that there lies hidden potential in each of its over ten different philosophical interpretations – namely looking at problems with a different quantum thinking approach – i.e. reformulating and looking from a different angle to see where quantum features (entanglement, superposition, non-determinism) offer potential solutions, and in general where “unconventional creativity” could crack the hard nuts.

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May 17 Morning — Quantum Computers + Quantum Processors

May 17 Afternoon — Quantum Safe (QKD + QRNGs + PQC) QUINTESSENCE LABS

May 18 Morning — Quantum Sensors COLD QUANTA

May 18 Afternoon— Quantum Materials and Components ZURICH INSTRUMENTS

May 19 Morning — Quantum Clouds and Service Providers

May 19 Afternoon — The Quantum Internet TOSHIBA

May 20 Morning — Quantum Policy and Funding

May 20 Afternoon — Quantum End Users

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