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The Quantum Upgraded Electric System of Tomorrow (QUEST) Initiative Launches at U of Denver

By IQT News posted 28 Jul 2021

(Smart-Energy) The Quantum Upgraded Electric System of Tomorrow (QUEST) initiative, which has been launched at the University of Denver, is aimed to build a university-industry consortium to bring the power of quantum information and quantum computing to the challenges of building the grid of the future.
The consortium will focus on developing new quantum models, methodologies and algorithms to solve a range of grid problems more rapidly and accurately than has been possible hitherto.
Potential topics include the increased level of customer participation in the grid, opportunities in distributed energy resource integration and utilisation, power quality and reliability improvement and asset management and system efficiency.
Others include demand-side management, electric vehicle studies, smart distribution and cybersecurity.
Amin Khodaei, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Denver, who is leading QUEST told Smart Energy International that the consortium has been built based on past and existing collaborative efforts with the electricity utility industry.
One of these is an initiative led by US utility Commonwealth Edison to study how quantum computing could be applied to analyse and model DC power flow.

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