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The Quantum Flagship Officially Presents the Strategic Research Agenda to the European Commission

By IQT News posted 19 Mar 2020

(QT.EU.Newsroom) The Quantum Flagship members of the Strategic Advisory Board officially presented the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) document to the European Commission on March 3, 2020.
The SRA document provides a thorough review on the vision and goals for the Quantum Flagship in quantum technologies research, innovation and development, giving insights and expected achievements of the initiative in the short, mid and long-term future.
As chair of the Strategic Advisory Board (SAB), a body belonging to the Quantum Flagship, Prof. Jürgen Mlynek handed the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) to Dr. Roberto Viola, Director – General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission (DG CONNECT). This document compiles and sets the ambitious nevertheless achievable goals for the Quantum Flagship in quantum technologies research, innovation and development, and gives insights and details about these expected achievements set for the next three years, with an outlook for six to ten years.
The SRA document includes the research, innovation, achievements and expected goals established for the near, mid and long-term future around four major applied areas in the field: Communication, Computing, Simulation, as well as Sensing and Metrology. In addition, these application domains are anchored on a common basis of Basic Science, a domain that aims to support the applied areas mentioned before with novel ideas, tools, methods and processes. All these are additionally supported by cross-cutting areas covering: Engineering and Control, Software and Theory, Education and Training and further complemented by overarching activities in Innovation and International Cooperation as well as Gender Equality.

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