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The four technology trends that are most likely to shape innovation In 2022

By IQT News posted 09 Feb 2022

(Forbes) Ron Nersesian, Chairman and CEO of Keysight Technologies, makes observations on four technology trends he foresees for 2022. IQT-News summarizes and includes Nersesian’s comments on quantum computing.

Here are the four technology trends will shape innovation in 2022 and beyond predicted by Nersesian.

1. Advancing Quantum Computing
2. Implementing Enterprise 5G (With 6G On The Horizon)
3. Bolstering Sustainability Efforts
4. Addressing The Increased Demands On Design, Test And Validation Solutions

Nersesian believes that this year will bring new opportunities in quantum technology. Complex calculations that take months or years to process on today’s supercomputers may take just minutes on a quantum computer. The technology’s potential for simulation, optimization, AI and materials science can unlock powerful benefits for a variety of industries. Aerospace engineers could simulate airflow over the wing of an aircraft they’re designing, and pharmaceutical researchers could speed up the discovery of new medicines.
Despite the pandemic, investment in quantum R&D continues to grow. In 2022, Nersesian believes we will see exciting breakthroughs that can help address quantum computing’s key challenges, such as error correction and scaling. He santicipate that several quantum companies will release a 100-qubit computer (IBM shared a product roadmap for releasing a 1,000-plus qubit device in 2023). Researchers will likely also build on AWS’ and others’ work to better understand qubit properties and improve error rates by finding more ways to decrease system noise.
We’ll also likely see more collaborations across corporations, academia and research centers as cross-disciplinary teams combine expertise to push quantum R&D forward. For example, we’ve partnered with the MIT Center for Quantum Engineering and OneQuantum.org (for our Women in Quantum mentoring program) and participate in industry groups like the Quantum Economic Development Consortium.

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