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Terra Quantum, HRI-EU complete PoC aimed at improving disaster evacuation

By Dan O'Shea posted 21 Sep 2023

Terra Quantum and Honda Research Institute Europe (HRI-EU) have successfully completed a proof-of-concept project focused on using hybrid quantum computing technology to find new ways of reducing evacuation times and optimizing escape routes in emergency situations such as natural disasters.

Noting the significance of the effort, Terra Quantum said that over the past five decades, disaster occurrences have amplified five-fold, propelled by climate change, extreme weather patterns, among other factors. Yet, the dynamic and unpredictable nature of these situations poses a severe challenge for technical solutions.

The project involved an earthquake scenario simulated on a realistic map of a small town. The novel solution demonstrated very promising results, predicting efficient dynamic escape routes for vehicles, and therefore minimizing evacuation times, Terra Quantum and HRI-EU stated. The work resulted in a quantum computing solution that can account for numerous real-time variables, and shows competitive efficiency results compared to traditional computing methods, the partners said. Relying on quantum machine learning, it requires only local information to make decisions, which amounts to less than 1% of the map information, which is key in an uncertain and constantly changing emergency scenario. 

“We are very pleased with the results of our collaboration with HRI-EU. This is just the start, we see the huge potential in applying Quantum Technologies in the Automotive and Mobility sectors,” stated Markus Pflitsch, Founder and CEO at Terra Quantum.

Dr. Sebastian Schmitt, Principal Scientist at HRI-EU, added, “Identifying realistic problems where quantum technologies may unfold their potential constitutes one of the biggest challenges in the field today. This work represents a promising step in that direction, and shows how to employ hybrid quantum-classical learning architectures in a real-world use-case.”

Fruther details can be found in this research paper.

Dan O’Shea has covered telecommunications and related topics including semiconductors, sensors, retail systems, digital payments and quantum computing/technology for over 25 years.

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