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Swiss Research Lab EPFL Launches Multi-Disciplinary Centre for Quantum Science and Engineering

By IQT News posted 01 Sep 2021

(EENewsEurope) Swiss research lab EPFL in Lausanne has launched a multi-disciplinary Centre for Quantum Science and Engineering. This will work closely with the University of Geneva.
The QSE Centre will be led by Prof. Vincenzo Savona, the head of EPFL’s Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Nanosystems, to develop and implement a wide range of quantum technology.
“Current and future breakthroughs in quantum technology mark major turning points in the history of humanity,” said Prof Savona. “We’re in a pioneering era that’s similar to the emergence of computers in the 1950s and the advent of the internet in the 1990s. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to contribute to the progress and advancement of our society.”
“Developing quantum technology is an incredible venture that puts us face to face with unprecedented scientific and engineering challenges. Meeting these challenges requires a concerted effort from all technical disciplines – physics, mathematics, chemistry, computer science and engineering – more so than for any previous kind of technological development,” he said. “EPFL has a long history of excellence and leadership in these various disciplines and occupies a unique strategic position in quantum science and engineering, both in Switzerland and worldwide. Quantum technology is highly complex and requires pulling together methods from many scientific fields. The unique feature and key strength of the QSE Centre is our ability to bring together experts from different fields already represented here at EPFL to apply their knowledge to quantum science and engineering.”
Research at the Centre will focus on quantum computing algorithms as well as quantum hardware, sensing and communications.

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