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Supercomputers Makers Not Threatened by Quantum Technology

By IQT News posted 09 Apr 2019

(NextPlatform) Some of the world’s most well-known supercomputer makers are not worried that their business is under pressure from quantum computers, even after the “quantum advantage” tipping point happens. Some see the space as valuable to their core business by providing the platforms for quantum simulation and compilation.
CTO of supercomputer maker, Cray, interconnect pioneer and famed architecture expert, Steve Scott says his role requires looking ahead at all new technological options and evaluating what might be relevant to begin building into systems roughly five years before they mature. “We are probably five-plus years from the first demonstration of quantum beating a classical computer on a contrived problem—one that highlights capability but not problems people are actually trying to solve. We are probably ten-plus years from practical quantum advantage where quantum is the most effective and cost-effective way to solve an actual problem.”
In terms of how classical and quantum systems might interact, Scott says he cannot see a time in the medium range when there will not need to be a lot of special purpose software to interface to the quantum system.

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