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Strangeworks Announces General Availability of Quantum R&D ‘Backstage Pass’ and New Credit Program for Quantum Hardware

By IQT News posted 11 Oct 2021

(NewsroomStrangeworks) Strangeworks, a provider of quantum computing software, announced its latest initiative to support the research and development community in accessing the very latest the industry has to offer. The Strangeworks Backstage Pass program helps developers and researchers to accelerate R&D in quantum computing across research, government and commercial organizations. Members of the program will have access to the newest technology available from Strangeworks’ own internal development team and their Quantum Syndicate members.
As a Quantum Service Provider, Strangeworks is constantly working to ensure their customers and their Quantum Syndicate members are connected through the Strangeworks ecosystem. Due to the variety of quantum systems available and the data sharing constraints of its users, it is not always possible to provide and receive feedback on the technologies used. By launching this new program, Strangeworks seeks to enable the development of a closer relationship between the three parties in order to gain valuable insights on how the technology is performing through a productive, yet anonymous, feedback loop.
The Strangeworks Backstage Pass program is a collection of early or limited access tickets to use a range of quantum computing technologies from across the quantum computing spectrum. Each ticket will have its own application criteria and members of the program are encouraged to apply for as many different tickets as they believe will support them in their work.
In addition to being able to apply for a suite of new, limited access tickets over the coming months, Strangeworks is happy to announce that applications for two tickets are now available with the launch of the program.

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