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Steve Girvin Named Director of the new $115 M Co-Design Center for Quantum Advantage

By IQT News posted 08 Sep 2020

(YaleDailyNews) Brookhaven National Laboratory announced that Yale professor Steve Girvin will serve as the director of the new $115 million Co-Design Center for Quantum Advantage Center dedicated to conducting research on quantum research.
The center revolves around the concept of accelerating progress through collaboration and sharing ideas among scientists. Girvin said that “the value of the center is that it brings together materials scientists, quantum device experts and computer scientists to co-design such systems.” The new center will be housed in the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, NY.
“The aspirational goal of the C2QA is to do the basic research needed to make dramatic advances in the performance of quantum computer modules based on superconducting circuits and in the ability of such modules and computers to be networked together via optical quantum communication,” said Girvin in a statement to the News.

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