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Splunk, Data Search & Analytics Solution Provider, Is Partnering with Quantum Computing, Inc.

By IQT News posted 25 Mar 2020

(ADT.mag.com) Splunk, a data search and analytics solution provider, is partnering with Quantum Computing, Inc. to pursue “fundamental and applied research” and develop advanced analytics capabilities that will exploit the strengths of both companies.
Splunk brings a leading big-data-analytics platform to the partnership. Its Data-to-Everything platform is designed to investigate, monitor, analyze, and act on data at any scale, from any source over any time period. It “turns data into doing,” the company says. Of particular interest to QCI: the capabilities of Splunk’s machine/deep learning toolkit, currently used by Splunk customers.
QCI has experience developing applications and tools for early quantum computers. The company focuses on abstractions that “free application developers to focus on the vital task of mapping problems to appropriate quantum computing (QC) forms by obscuring hardware-specific details.”

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