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South Korean Scientists Working on ‘Unhackable’ Quantum Networks and 100-Qubit Machine

By IQT News posted 09 Jul 2019

(AIRANG.co.kr) Korea’s science ministry aims to invest 37 million U.S. dollars over the next five years to develop a five-qubit quantum computer, and a 100-cubit machine by 2027. This article details several of the ongoing quantum computing projects in South Korea.
Quantum computing researchers at Korea Institute for Science and Technology have developed ways use diamond structures to produce qubits. “We use spin qubits to develop our system. The advantage of using Nitrogen-Vacancy color centers in diamonds to make qubits allows them to work better at room temperature, and there is also good connectivity with photons. We can also incorporate semiconductor processes to produce qubits.”
Quantum cryptography is another promising field, being the closest commercial application of quantum technology. From using secured wifi to controlling power grids, encrypted networks are vital to security on individual, business and national levels.
Using the quantum principles of physics could help make networks unhackable. A secret key is distributed between two parties and cannot be intercepted without collapsing.

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