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Sonika Johri, Senior Quantum Applications Research Scientist, IonQ, to Keynote “Quantum Computing in the Financial Services Industry” at IQT San Diego Quantum Enterprise May 10-12

By Sandra Helsel posted 08 Apr 2022

(IQT-SanDiego) Sonika Johri, Senior Quantum Applications Research Scientist, IonQ, will keynote “Topic 1: Quantum Computing in the Financial Services Industry” at IQT-San Diego.
Dr. Sonika Johri leads the Quantum Applications team at IonQ, a company commercializing trapped ion quantum computers. Her research centers around translating the rapidly expanding capabilities of quantum hardware into measurable advantages for end users of quantum computing. She has co-authored several publications involving cutting-edge quantum algorithm demonstrations in the areas of generative and discriminative machine learning, condensed matter physics, quantum chemistry, and optimization, across a variety of quantum hardware platforms. Her work emphasizes the co-design of quantum algorithms, software, control, and hardware in order to come up with practical and scalable solutions that are aimed at making quantum technologies highly impactful as soon as possible. Prior to IonQ, she worked as a quantum algorithms researcher at Intel Corporation, and has a PhD in theoretical physics from Princeton University.

Topic 1: Quantum Computing in the Financial Services Industry Banks, insurance companies, credit card firms and other financial institutions have shown a strong interest in making use of the latest quantum technologies. These technologies promise to boost profits and reduce losses from fraud and hacking. In the panels in this session we will hear from end users, service providers and technologists on how quantum technology will evolve in the financial services industry. This session is one of three on the third day of the conference that looks at enterprise quantum from an end-user perspective.
8:50 am-10:40 am, May 12, 2022 PST.

Inside Quantum Technology San Diego is the first international conference devoted entirely to the QUANTUM ENTERPRISE. IQT Research has forecast that the great leap forward for quantum technology will take place as quantum computing and quantum safe environments are adopted in businesses and government organizations. As this happens the IT community and data communication firms will embrace the quantum paradigm and expenditures from the new QUANTUM ENTERPRISE sector will then take the great leap forward. Nine vertical topics encompassing 34 sessions from over 80 speakers will provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the state of the QUANTUM ENTERPRISE.

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Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

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