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SK Telecom Unveils Quantum Technology-Based Biometric Security Key EzQuant

By IQT News posted 23 Jun 2021

(PulseNews.Korea) South Korea’s top wireless carrier SK Telecom Co. has developed EzQuant that is the world’s first fingerprint authentication key based on quantum random number generator (QRNG).
EzQuant relies on QRNG, technology or such device that generates perfectly unpredictable random numbers, thus enabling enhanced data security.
SK Telecom developed the QRNG-based fingerprint security key together with ID Quantique, a Switzerland-based quantum-safe cryptography technology firm, and Octaco, a Seoul-based biometric authentication startup.
EzQaunt is equipped with fast identity online (FIDO) authentication technology that allows personal verification based on biometrics without an ID or password in the online environment. It passed global FIDO interoperability test in March.
EzQaunt can be linked to exiting biometric authentication systems used for accessing workplace IT systems and offices, said SK Telecom. The security key can also be used for personal verification at FIDO-based global digital platforms such as Google’s e-mail and Facebook.
SK Telecom and its two partners plan to roll out EzQaunt in the U.S. and Singapore this year.

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