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SK Telecom to Apply ID Quantique’s QRNG to 5G Subscriber Authentication Center

By IQT News posted 21 Mar 2019

(TelecomAsia.net) South Korean mobile carrier SK Telecom said it will use quantum cryptography technology to ensure security of its 5G mobile networks. The mobile carrier said Monday it has completed applying Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) technology of ID Quantique (IDQ), to its 5G subscriber authentication center. The move is designed to prevent hacking and ensure quantum-safe security.
SK Telecom invested $65 million in 2018 into IDQ to accelerate development of quantum technologies for the IoT and telecoms markets. “As security emerges as one of the most important issues in the 5G era, SK Telecom is determined to provide the most secure 5G network and focus on expanding the ecosystem by developing quantum cryptography technologies,” SK Telecom CTO Park Jin-hyo said.
NOTE: Brian Lowy, VP America, of ID Quantique SA was on the speaker’s podium discussing “Quantum Networks” with Lawrence Gasman at Inside Quantum Technology yesterday in Boston. Don’t miss the next IQT event for international coverage and contacts.

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