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What Is Significant & What Is Not Significant About IBM’s System Q Announcement

By IQT News posted 22 Jan 2019

(ZDNet) IBM’s announcement of its “commercial” quantum computing system was a big step on the road to quantum computing but the journey will be a thousand miles long. IBM’s announcement is significant–but we must not lose sight of the long road ahead.
Why System Q is significant achievement:
–It is a system.
–It’s modular.
Why it is not as significant as the hype assumes:
–The term “commercial” implies readily available commercially and that’s not the case unless you have deep pockets.

The article’s list of items that work for classical computing that turn out to be different for QCs is instructive:
–Universal QCs don’t have RAM or CPU clocks.
–Universal QCs today are batch problem solvers, not general-purpose programmable systems.

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