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Schrödinger and Qu & Co Collaborate to Advance Quantum Mechanical Computations on Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 04 Sep 2019

(DutchNews.nl) Schrödinger and Qu & Co today announced a business and scientific collaboration to advance the use of quantum mechanics on complex molecular systems using quantum computing hardware.
By bringing together Qu & Co’s expertise in quantum computing and Schrödinger’s deep knowledge and experience in applying quantum mechanics in real-world applications, the collaboration aims to advance the state of the art of quantum computing for quantum chemistry. The collaboration will also explore a hybrid computing framework that leverages the strengths of both quantum and conventional approaches to atomistic simulations.
Schrödinger’s industry-leading computational platform to accelerate drug discovery and materials design is deployed by leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and electronics companies worldwide.
Qu & Co is a quantum-software development firm started in 2017. Together with our corporate clients, we work on developing quantum-computational-chemistry and quantum-machine-learning algorithms and software, which we implement on the quantum-simulators and quantum-processors of our quantum-hardware partners like Rigetti, IBM and Microsoft.

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