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Saskatchewan’s CEW Says New Encryption Solution Will Withstand Brute Force Attacks, Including from Quantum Computers

By IQT News posted 13 Mar 2020

(ITWorldCanada) CEW Electronics, a Saskatchewan company says it has created a new encryption solution that will withstand brute force attacks, including those from yet-to-be-seen hyper-fast quantum computers. “What we are confident is that with small transmissions, like credit card purchases, it is quantum-proof,” company president Chad Wanless said in an interview this week. It could also be used for larger data transmissions over the Intenet, he added, as well as database encryption, secure internet data transmissions, password hashing, and even protecting encoded car fobs.
CEW says its solution works by using symmetrical keys that can be exchanged safely and can’t be intercepted in a man in the middle attack. Converted characters have no mathematical relation to each other. Users could log into an online server without actually transmitting a password and make online purchases without transmitting the credit card data. Without a mathematical relationship or a detectable encryption pattern, there is no means by which a quantum computer executing a brute force attack can detect a pattern to decrypt by, the company says.

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