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Sandia National Laboratories Has Four Quantum Computing Projects Funded at $42 Million

By IQT News posted 04 Feb 2019

(InsideHPC) Sandia National Laboratories researchers are working on a number of quantum information science projects. As part of the work, they will collaborate to design and develop a new quantum computer that will use trapped atomic ion technology. Sandia has four new quantum computing projects:
1) A quantum computing “testbed” with accessible components on which industrial, academic and government researchers can run their own algorithms.
2) A suite of test programs to measure the performance of quantum hardware.
3) Classical software to ensure reliable operation of quantum computing testbeds and coax the most utility from them.
4) High-level quantum algorithms that explore connections with theoretical physics, classical optimization and machine learning.
These three- to five-year projects are funded at $42 million by the Department of Energy’s Office of Science’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research program, part of Sandia’s Advanced Science and Technology portfolio.

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