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Sandia Labs Fellow Gil Herrera Named to Quantum Computing Advisory Committee

By IQT News posted 14 Oct 2020

(InsideHPC) Sandia National Laboratories Fellow Gil Herrera has been appointed to the newly established U.S. National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.
Herrera is one of two committee members representing the Department of Energy national laboratories. He joins 20 others from government, industry and academia tasked with advising the nation’s highest offices on matters concerning quantum information science. His appointment is for three years.
“Quantum computing represents both an exceptional opportunity and a dire threat,” Herrera said. “On the positive side, when useful quantum computers can be built, they could solve molecular chemistry problems that could significantly reduce worldwide energy consumption or facilitate the rapid development of pharmaceuticals. On a more negative note, a quantum computer threatens public key encryption that protects almost all secure web communications.”

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