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Samsung Galaxy A Quantum Designed for Security for Services like SK Telecom’s SK Pay & Others

By IQT News posted 15 May 2020

(SlashGear) The Samsung Galaxy A Quantum isn’t the world’s first QLED phone. It is, however, the world’s first phone with a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) designed for stronger security. Samsung is distilling the QRNG’s practical security benefits by generating the truly random numbers needed for creating encryption keys that can be used for sensitive services like SK Telecom’s SK Pay, among others.
Samsung is applying quantum cryptography which uses quantum mechanics for security, particularly in generating truly random numbers.
The QRNG chip that Samsung developed uses a CMOS sensor that reads the light emitted by an LED. Or to be more exact, it reads the photon noise which can be unpredictable. This already puts it a step above typical random number generating hardware that can still be cracked with more powerful computers like, for example, quantum computers.

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