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Rigetti unveils 80-qubit processor quantum computer consisting of two 40-qubit computers, and experiments with qutrits

Rigetti Computing announces the launch of Novera, their 9-qubit CPU for commercial applications.
By IQT News posted 20 Dec 2021

(ZDNet) Rigetti Computing has announced the Aspen-M, an 80-qubit processor quantum computer that consists of two connected 40-qubit chips. The Aspen-M, available in a private beta, is the culmination of Rigetti’s particular take on large-scale quantum computers.
Rigetti’s new Aspen system is based on a single-chip 40-qubit processor, which is generally available on Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services, Strangeworks, and Amazon Web Services’ Braket managed quantum computing service.
Rigetti claims Aspen superconducting processors bring scale, speed, and fidelity improvements that deliver 2.5 faster quantum processing times over its existing systems and reduce readout errors by up to half, thus improving the reliability of quantum program results.
“Our machines are now at a scale and speed where they can process the real-world data sets that underpin high-impact applications,” said Chad Rigetti, founder and CEO of Rigetti Computing. “We believe these systems give researchers and enterprises the best platform to pursue quantum advantage on real problems.”

Separately, Rigetti announced it had added a third state to its qubits to create “qutrits” that allow more information to be encoded in a single element and decreases readout errors. It’s currently offering experimental access to qutrit operations through its Quil-T service. Adding just one additional state turns our qubits into qutrits, which can not only increase the amount of information encoded in a single element, but also enables techniques that can dramatically decrease readout errors,” the company said.

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