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Richard Norte, Assistant Professor: Precision Systems and Microengineering at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft University of Technology, Has Agreed to Present on “New Quantum Sensor Technologies and Materials Apr 2

By IQT News posted 11 Feb 2020

(IQT-NYC) Richard Norte, Assistant Professor: Precision Systems and Microengineering at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft University of Technology, has agreed to present at the upcoming Inside Quantum Technology event on Panel 1: New Quantum Sensor Technologies and Materials 2:05 PM April 2. Richard Norte earned BSc degrees with honors in Physics and Mathematics from Stanford University in 2007. Following his graduation, Richard began his PhD in Physics at Caltech where he pioneered new nanophotonic structures for quantum optomechanics on a microchip. In November 2014, Richard moved to the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands where he started as the first member of Simon Gröblacher’s lab. In August 2018, Richard started as an assistant professor in the Precision and Microsystems Engineering department at the TU Delft. Since starting his faculty position, he has realized one of the most mechanically isolated nanophotonic structures to date. This technology allowed him to cool the motion of millimeter-sized objects to near absolute zero (1.2 mK) from room temperature using only laser light. He has received several prestigious grants to bridge the gap between quantum optomechanics and next-generation sensors. As co-founder of Nenso Solutions, Richard is currently a scientific advisor for some of the world’s top biotech initiatives in DNA data storage and nanophotonics initiatives.

The Inside Quantum Technology event in New York City April 2-3, 2020 will offer *65+ speakers from firms critical to the commercial evolution of quantum technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to review the expansive exhibit space in which leading hardware and software firms, along with service providers will show off their latest products and strategies.

What Makes Inside Quantum Technology-NYC Special?

1. A seven-panel end-user symposium: Inside Quantum Technology – New York is a follow-on to our highly successful events in Boston and Europe in 2019. It reflects our strong belief that quantum technology has now reached a stage of maturity that makes the sharing of end user experiences extremely valuable to product designers, strategic planners and investors alike.

We have therefore built into the program for the New York event a seven-panel end-user symposium, with panelists that include pioneer users of quantum technology from financial services, aerospace, pharma and specialty chemical, healthcare, automotive and transportation, defense, telecom carriers, government and R&D. Attendees to this event will have the opportunity to learn more about the thinking of first quantum technology users; their deployments, successes and failures.

2. Investor-oriented events: An important focus of Inside Quantum Technology-New York will be investment. We include a special panel with savvy venture capitalists that are already active in the quantum technology space. At the conference they will discuss where they are investing and why. We also anticipate much talk on this panel about the fabled “quantum winter.”

Inside Quantum Technology will also host a Startup Competition for seed-stage Quantum Technology organizations or academic based groups. These groups will be able to pitch their respective startups to an audience of industry executives, quantum tech companies, VCs and other investors.

3. Unique market forecasts and analysis sessions: The Inside Quantum Technology organization consists of three groups. In addition, to our event group, we also incorporate an industry analysis group and a popular daily newsfeed.

Inside Quantum Technology is the only full-service market research and forecasting group providing regular reports on key quantum technology markets. Attendees will hear about the future potential of quantum technology through several sessions presented by Inside Quantum Technology analysts. These will include up-to-date forecasts of penetration and revenue generation. No other quantum technology event offers this feature.

4. Plenty of time to network, do deals, meet new customers and see new products: In addition to its educational function, Inside Quantum Technology – New York will help attendees make new colleagues and discuss new opportunities in the quantum technology space. We are making special provisions to enable attendees to network with speakers and other attendees to exchange experiences and conduct business.

Inside Quantum Technology – New York will be jointly organized with 3DR Holdings and QuTech which have also organized our other highly successful quantum technology events. It will be a major learning experience on how quantum technology is evolving, which marketing and deployment strategies are being pursued and which near-term steps will be taken by everyone from researchers to end users. Inside Quantum Technology – New York will provide comprehensive insights into the commercial future of all areas of quantum technology, presenting both opportunities available today and future applications for businesses and government.


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