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Replica of IBM Q System Quantum Computer on Display in Museum of Science in Boston

By IQT News posted 19 Apr 2019

(AmericanInno.com) The world’s fully integrated universal quantum computing system, the IBM Q System One quantum computer replica, is on display at the Museum of Science in Boston where the exhibit will last through May. The exhibit displays a replica of a large golden chandelier-like structure and at the very bottom of the chandelier is a small chip that powers the quantum computing. The entire structure that surrounds the chip helps make sure the chip can be powered and controls the temperature.
Carol Lynn Alpert, director for strategic projects at the Museum of Science, who put together the exhibit, realized it’s important to make the quantum territory more familiar so people can harness the benefits. To that end, she needed something physical that people can view in a science museum.
Bob Sutor, vice president of IBM Q Strategy and Ecosystem at IBM Research, said, “My dream, by being here is that we will have students come and look at this—high school, college or maybe even younger. And we’re so early in this quantum computing that they will get inspired,” Sutor said. “They will see this, they’ll think it’s cool. And at some point, one of the students will live in the future and develop something absolutely amazing.”

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