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Read ColdQuanta’s “Quantum Atomics: Powering the Quantum Information Age” E-Book

By IQT News posted 26 Feb 2021

(ColdQuanta) ColdQuanta has authored and is providing a complimentary e-book discussing quantum atomics, “Powering the Quantum Information Age.”
Click here for your copy.
From computing to application-specific systems, the next age of information will be built on quantum atomics. It will change the way we compute and communicate. It will change how we sense and interact with our environment. It will be the basis of quantum systems that will provide an unprecedented level of performance, security, privacy, and computational speed to address the world’s most challenging technological problems.

NOTE: ColdQuanta is the Quantum Sensors vertical  sponsor at Inside Quantum Technology New York Online May 17-20.

The above paragraph is the introduction to this must-read book that explains that most of the media attention has gone to quantum computing.  However, computing isn’t the only area being revolutionized by quantum theory.
Quantum atomics holds the key to unlocking the full spectrum of the quantum-information landscape. Beyond computing, it will allow us to surpass the capabilities of contemporary digital devices and technologies such as a clocks and encryption, eventually replacing them. Other technologies will enable the creation of new products, such as quantum positioning systems and quantum signal processing. Still others will facilitate discoveries we haven’t even imagined yet.

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