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Rapael Advanced Defense Systems Investing in Quantum Technology for Accelerometers & Gyroscopes

By IQT News posted 22 Dec 2020

(csIr4net) Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has been investing in quantum technology in the hopes that it will improve existing sensors on the battlefield and could lead to a solution for GPS-denied environments.
While Rafael is traditionally Israel’s research and development arm for new weapon systems, it is also the company behind the Trophy defense system, Litening targeting pod and Iron Dome air defense technologies. Rafael has also rolled out new digitized battlefield concepts and used optics to better match scenes and leverage artificial intelligence.
In particular, Rafael executives are encouraged that “extremely high-performance quantum accelerometers and gyroscopes can be designed to be the basis of the next generation inertial navigation systems,” a company official said. These sensors can exploit the quantum properties of atoms to measure acceleration and angular rates with unprecedented accuracy, which, in turn, allows for “dead-reckoning navigation for relatively long periods of time while essentially keeping GPS/GNSS accuracy.”
Quantum technology is about sensors that “measure discrete energy levels and difference in change with magnetic or electric fields,” a Rafael official said. The struggle for engineers has been that while this technology has existed for decades, particularly in university labs, miniaturizing it and using it in defense systems is a challenge.

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