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QXC Named One of Promising 16 Cybersecurity Companies; CEO & President John Prisco to Speak June 2 at IQT NYC ONLINE for “Crypto Crossroads”

By IQT News posted 01 Jun 2020

(QuantumXchange) Quantum Xchange was one of 16 cybersecurity startups named in a recent Business Insider story that looked at the cybersecurity market in the time of COVID-19. Recent studies show increased interest in security solutions to protect remote workers, healthcare organizations, and combat high-profile ransomware attacks during the pandemic.

John Prisco, President and CEO of Quantum Xchange will speak June 2 at the IQT NYC ONLINE event at 11 am on a panel with Dr. Whitfield Diffie. This is indicative of the quality of the panels that Inside Quantum Computing’s President Lawrence Gasman assembled. Acknowledged, international leaders in the quantum technology sectors are presenting at IQT NYC ONLINE June 1-June 5, 2020. Single-day registrations are available to event. Archives of the entire event will be available for five day registrations.

Inside Quantum Technology New York ONLINE Registration

Crypto Crossroads: Betting on Crypto Agility and Defense-in-Depth Countermeasures to the Quantum Threat
June 2, 11 am
Speaker: Dr. Whitfield Diffie — Co-inventor – Public Key Encryption
Speaker: John Prisco — President and CEO – Quantum Xchange
Moderator: Lawrence Gasman — Inside Quantum Technology – President

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