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QuTech, Topic Sponsor for IQT-NYC Vertical “Quantum Clouds and Service Providers” Delivers Keynote “Creating the Quantum Future”

By IQT News posted 19 May 2021

(IQT-NYC) QuTech, Topic Sponsor Keynote of the Vertical “Quantum Clouds and Service Providers” delivered the vertical keynote May 19 at IQT-NYC. Two speakers were:
Speaker 1: Kees Eijkel – Business Development Director, QuTech, Delft University of Technology
Speaker 2: Richard Versluis — Principal Systems Engineer at TNO and Engineering Lead of the Quantum Computing Division at QuTech.

Kees Eijkel, Business Development Director for QuTech & Delft University of Technology opened with “From the Quantum Cloud to the Innovation Cloud”. He reminded the audience that Qu-Tech is the co-producer of the Inside Quantum Technology (IQT) series of events. He explained that “Cooperation with industry is embedded in  QuTech’s strategy and mission.”

Eijkel stressed that IQT’s focus on a global and business-driven environment event complements QuTech’s mission and is “why we like IQT”.

Eijkel pointed out that “innovation is an unpredictable game and described a four-part Quantum System model of development that includes technological innovation and existing technology as well. He believes new technologies will go into existing environments but over time a lot of new networks will come to play and we will see architectural change. Eijkel also referenced the “Suicide Quadrant” of the development model–which is not the most predictable.

QuTech finds it intriguing that large companies are doing large investments in quantum technologies. He said their community includes large companies, public research institutes and startups. Eijkel emphasized “Qutech needs to make sure we connect with ALL.” He referenced strategic cooperations with Intel, Fujitsu, Microsoft and many more. He said they hvae to make sure the ecosystem works for all and include financing and support for people who needs labs or housing, knowledge of he markets, policy making, and the culure created within the environment.

Eijkel stressed “We have a tremendous network with Quantum Delft.”  He virtually introduced Daniel Howell who will be at the booth for Quantum Delft.

Speaker 2, Richard Versluis, discussed the group’s Quantum Computer, named “Quantum Inspire.” He explained the need for and use of their “innovation cloud”:
1 Tech focus for R&D
2 User connectivity
3 Supply Chain for tremendous cyrstallization of companies.

Versluis said, “We are no longer building lab concepts but building prototype products now.” Relevant end-users are important.” He explained that economic development is also very important.

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