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QuTech Academy Offering Four Online Courses on Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 23 Mar 2020

(Qutech.nl) QuTech Academy offers four specialised courses on quantum computing on the edX platform and is planning to make new programmes for students of all levels.

QuTech Academy courses on edX.org include:
1) Quantum internet & quantum computers: how will they change the world? – an introduction to the various potential applications of a quantum computer and a quantum internet.
2) The Hardware of a Quantum Computer: what does a quantum computer look like, what components will it have and how does a quantum computer operate? Part 1 focusses on the layers of the qubit.
3) Architecture, Alogorithms, and Protocols of a Quantum Computer and Quantum Internet: as a continuation of part 1, part 2 will explain the other layers of a quantum computer, ranging from the electronics, to hardware, software and algorithms needed to operate a quantum computer.
4) Quantum Cryptography: this course dives deeper into the quantum protocols and how this will lead to secure communication.

Scroll down the QuTech website for more information about these courses. All videos are also available on YouTube or have a look at the Quantum Library as starting point.

NOTE:  QuTech is jointly organizing Inside Quantum Technology – New York with 3DR Holdings. 

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