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QuSecure’s co-founders discuss the Crystals-Kyber controversy

By Dan O'Shea posted 01 Mar 2023

A recent research paper explained a possible side-channel method for breaking a “fifth-order masked implementation” of the Crystals-Kyber post-quantum cryptography algorithm, which last year was selected for standardization by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Initial media reports and social media commentary on the paper raised concerns about the future of Crystals-Kyber as a standard, though NIST has since confirmed there will be no negative effect on the standard’s progress. Rebecca Krauthamer, co-founder, Chief Product Officer, QuSecure, and Skip Sanzeri, co-founder, Chief Operating Officer, QuSecure, spoke with IQT Pro about the brief panic and confusion that resulted. Sign up for IQT Pro to find out what they had to say. If you’re already a subscriber, it’s waiting for you in your inbox right now.

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