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Qunnect Debuts QU-APC Instrument with Interactive Demo at the 2023 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC)

By Qunnect posted 15 Mar 2023

Qunnect, an industry leader in quantum-secure networking technology designed for scalable deployment on existing telecom fiber infrastructure, debuted their QU-APC instrument with an interactive demo on the exhibit floor of the 2023 OFC Conference in San Diego.  The 2023 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) is the premier conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking professionals.
Qunnect’s QU-APC (Auto Polarization Compensator) is a real-time calibration and compensation solution to maintain high-fidelity transmission of quantum information over telecom fiber. Commercial fiber is typically deployed as aerial cables or buried in conduit near roadways. These cables are subject to numerous environmental perturbations such as wind, temperature, and vibration, which can damage the quantum information being transmitted through them. The QU-APC alternates between test and transmission modes, utilizing rapid measurement and analysis to maintain >95% quantum transmission uptime. With insertion loss of only 1.2dB, the QU-APC is an industry leader in quantum-enabling technologies.
“The QU-APC is a game-changer for addressing the challenges of real-world quantum networking,” notes Qunnect CEO Noel Goddard, “We are very pleased to announce the commercial launch of this product as a qubit-agnostic solution for both Distributed Entanglement and QKD protocols.”
On the exhibit floor of OFC, the Qunnect team invited visitors to jump on a floor mat covering a spool of fiber.  Participants observe the disturbance in the fiber’s transmission fidelity on a nearby screen, and then see the QU-APC correct for the disturbance in real time, restoring the fidelity.  While this is an extreme example of real-world perturbations, it demonstrates the power and speed of the QU-APC to compensate for these issues.
To learn more about Qunnect’s metropolitan grade product suite, please visit: qunnect.inc.
Qunnect innovates and commercializes the core technologies needed for scalable quantum-safe communication. In 2021, the company commercialized the world’s first quantum memory. The memory serves as the cornerstone to Qunnect’s product suite, offering integrated solutions for Metropolitan-Scale and Long-Distance distribution of entanglement across existing telecommunications infrastructure. The company is headquartered in the Brooklyn Navy Yard where it operates GothamQ, a quantum network spanning across New York City. Qunnect recently announced its Series A financing in a round led by Airbus Ventures and is grateful for research support from the US Department of Energy, the US Air Force and the National Science Foundation.

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