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Qunnect announces sale to Brookhaven National Laboratory of first commercial quantum memory

By IQT News posted 22 Nov 2021

(PRNewswire) Qunnect, INC., a Quantum Networking company, has announced the sale of the world’s first commercial Quantum Memory to Brookhaven National Laboratory. Quantum Memories are critical components for enabling future quantum-secure networks, as they support distributed entanglement communication protocols, and serve as core components in quantum repeaters.
Qunnect’s Quantum Memory stores and releases single photons, on-demand, while preserving their quantum state at a fidelity above 95%. Unlike other quantum memory technologies, Qunnect is unique in providing a solution that does not require extreme cooling or vacuum support infrastructure for operation, a key design consideration for real-world deployment and scaling. All devices are also housed in standard server-rack form-factor for installation in existing fiber hubs.
The Quantum Memory is the core of Qunnect’s Quantum Repeater product suite which includes a device to generate entangled photons, ultra-high precision timing and frequency network references, fiber channel calibrators, and a transaction station to perform entanglement distribution protocols. Qunnect is engineering these devices to interface with low interface loss and telecommunications infrastructure.
“We are very proud to be the first company to bring a quantum memory to the commercial market. As fiber-based quantum testbeds are being built across the globe, we look forward to supporting their infrastructure.” said Qunnect CEO, Noel Goddard. “We are also grateful to our investors and the Federal agencies who enabled this accomplishment, and continue to support our vision of realizing prototypes of the full Quantum Repeater product suite in early 2022.”

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