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Quix from Twente Announces the Largest Universal Quantum Photonic Processor

By IQT News posted 27 Jul 2021

(QuantumDelta) Quix announced in a scientific paper written by lead author and quantum system engineer at Quix, Caterina Taballione, that they have realized the largest universal quantum photonic processor. An announcement by them states that it is the first of its kind in providing a plug-and-play solution that is market-ready, which makes it different from other processors. Quix says that with it they are making strides in the commercial availability of photonic quantum processing for users as well as developing technological aspects of quantum photonic engineering.
A word from inside the Quix camp claims that the processor is set to facilitate accelerated problem-solving across the spectrum of quantum applications with its information processing and computing capabilities. It is particularly useful for fields like machine learning, quantum chemistry, and cryptography where it will benefit research and development is what we hear. We are keen to follow how it might play an integral role in photonic quantum computing as the field moves forward.
The development of this technology adds another building block to the quantum computing and simulation abilities of the Netherlands.
–It is a 12-mode fully reconfigurable universal photonic processor based on silicon nitride waveguides
–The processor is embedded into a control system that enables remote access to its optical functionality and reconfigurability.
–Quantum interference of high visibility is replicable across the entire processor, i.e., the indistinguishability of photons is preserved.
–All the 132 tunable elements of the processor provide more than 2π phase shift with high extinction ratio.
–It is the largest low-loss plug-and-play universal square photonic processor to date, enabling fully reconfigurable unitary transformations across 12 inputs and through 12 layers of depth.

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