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Qu&Co Releases QUBEC, The First Quantum Computational Platform Specifically Designed for Chemistry and Materials Science

By IQT News posted 17 Mar 2021

(Quando.co) Qu&Co, the European quantum computational software developer, has announced the beta release of QUBEC, the first quantum computational platform explicitly designed for chemistry and materials science. QUBEC was co-designed by quantum chemists and material scientists. It comprises chemistry-specific algorithms and process automation and is integrated with Schrödinger’s Maestro chemical modelling interface.
Quantum mechanical simulations have become a powerful tool to accelerate chemistry and materials science and design, however executing the same computations on quantum computers so far remains at an early stage of development. “Although current day quantum processors are not yet capable of outperforming conventional computers for chemical simulations, Qu&Co is now offering a glimpse of what the future of quantum chemistry simulations will look like.” Said dr. Vincent Elfving, CTO at Qu&Co. “In that future, corporate researchers will be able to apply quantum computational subroutines directly in their existing conventional computational workflows, so that they can benefit from the improved accuracy and scaling offered by future quantum processors.”
In September 2019 Qu&Co started a collaboration with Schrödinger Inc. to advance the use of quantum algorithms on complex chemical systems using quantum computing hardware. Within Qu&Co’s beta testing environment, QUBEC users can now set-up quantum computational simulations directly in Schrödinger’s Maestro user interface, from where they can run chemistry simulations on current day quantum processors.

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