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Qubitekk Acquires Quantum Key Distribution Patent Portfolio of QinetiQ

By IQT News posted 31 Jan 2020

(Finance.Yahoo) Qubitekk further strengthened its patent portfolio around Quantum Key Distribution technology by acquiring the entire Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) patent portfolio of QinetiQ, a British multinational defense technology company.
The portfolio includes 57 patent filings, across 17 patent families, and covers novel technological approaches in quantum science. One of the focus technologies in the portfolio allows QKD to be used across long distances. QKD has a potential to significantly advance data security, cybersecurity, and end-to-end encryption. QinetiQ’s patent portfolio encompasses a way to scale up QKD from a local area to a planet-wide distribution, without having to wait for a Quantum Repeater or a Satellite to be built.
Qubitekk, based in California, USA, is the world’s first company dedicated to commercialising Quantum Entanglement Sources required to speed the adoption of quantum computing and cryptography applications, making the portfolio purchase a logical fit.
Dr. Duncan Earl, CTO and President of Qubitekk, added: “The patent portfolio we acquired from QinetiQ along with our current holdings of quantum patents will make Qubitekk one of the largest quantum patent holders in the United States. We are encouraged with the opportunities this will give Qubitekk in the marketplace.”

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