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Qubit Pharmaceuticals closes a Pre-Seed Round with Quantonation

By IQT News posted 22 Jun 2020

(Medium) Qubit Pharmaceuticals announced the closing of a pre-seed round that will support the market entry of its first platform, ATLAS, a software suite for the discovery and test of drug candidates running on supercomputers to co-design new drugs with pharma and biotech companies.
the development of new therapeutic molecules remains expensive, time-consuming and risky. In Silico drug discovery already accelerates the pace of R&D but the precise and accurate simulation of molecules and their interaction with targets has been so far hampered by the complexity of the physics involved at the microscopic level. Thanks to major advances in molecular modelling taking into account highly complex quantum effects, Qubit Pharmaceuticals can perform precise and accurate calculations such as finding a drug binding site, predicting the binding of a drug to its target etc. up to 1 000 000 times faster than traditional high-resolution solutions. Qubit Pharmaceuticals will solve 3 key problems in the field: quality of predictions, interpretability and speed of simulations generating improvement and acceleration of therapeutic pipelines.
Qubit Pharmaceuticals is the result of the spin-off of the research work of 5 internationally renowned scientists[1] in the United States and in France, collaborating together on the science and the technology for more than 15 years, all 5 providing scientific support to the company.
Venture Capital fund Quantonation has worked closely with the team to bring the founders’ project to maturity.Quantonation Partner Christophe Jurczak said: “Quantum computing is an emerging technology with the potential to transform many industries, with biopharma and materials among the most promising. But the pathway to practical application remains under construction and it is clear to us that successful players on the quantum computing software need to be at the forefront of classical computing too !

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