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Quantum Xchange’s Mid-Year Quantum Fitness Checkup

By IQT News posted 30 Jun 2021

(QuantumXchange) Quantum Xchange has posted a midyear quantum fitness checkup. This is followup to Quantum Xchange New Year’s Resolution for 2021: Pump-Up Your Quantum Literacy and Get Quantum Fit. The goal of these “fitness checkups” is to educate cybersecurity professionals and those responsible for securing long-duration data to the looming quantum threat and why action is required today.

Step 1: Flex Your Quantum Literacy Muscle
Take Quantum Xchange’s 2-minute assessment to calculate your knowledge of a post-quantum world and its potential impact on the security of your communications infrastructure and critical data.

Step 2: Attain Stakeholder Buy-In and Budget
Faced with competing priorities, leadership might not understand the severity and immediacy of the quantum security threat or how quantum-safe security measures can be deployed today – instantly and dramatically improving your overall cybersecurity posture and future-proofing your crypto infrastructure for whatever threat awaits. Armed with the right information, TCO/ROI calculations, and real-world use cases you can convince naysayers why quantum deserves immediate attention and investment. Quantum Xchange offers a robust library of materials to help.

Step 3: Take Action
Add a quantum layer to your network — it’s easier and more affordable than you think. Prepare for the post-quantum era by embracing crypto agility and highly scalable solutions like Phio TX that work within your existing encryption environment, support all forms of quantum security (PQC, QRNG, QKD), and is available in a variety of options to meet your budgetary and business requirements.

Don’t put it off for another day – Get Quantum Fit in 2021!

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