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Quantum Xchange Releases Version 2.0 of its Quantum-Safe Key Distribution System Featuring New User Interface

By IQT News posted 22 Jul 2020

(PRNewswire) Quantum Xchange, a leader in quantum-safe products and services for crypto agility and quantum readiness, has announced the general availability of version 2.0 of its patent-pending, key distribution system Phio Trusted Xchange (TX). The first-of-its-kind, quantum-safe, key exchange is the only solution to support all forms of quantum keys, both math and physics-based. It is also uniquely capable of making traditional keys quantum-safe, bringing an immediate heightened level of security to any encryption environment.
The cutting-edge, crypto-agile appliance now features a graphical user interface (GUI) or “single pane of glass” view into the routing and transmission of quantum keys throughout the enterprise. Accessible by web browser or mobile device, administrators can see where keys are traveling; what type of keys are being transmitted, i.e., Post Quantum Cryptographic (PQC) or Quantum Key Distribution (QKD); volume of keys and their transmission frequency. This dynamic, real-time visual into load balancing and diverse key routing allows security administrators to easily monitor and quickly react to the happenings of the hive for improved performance and data-security optimization.
Quantum Xchange’s patent-pending Phio TX separates the encryption key delivery from the data channel and into a separate key management subsystem which can be configured based on the needs of a given organization. A typical Phio network configuration consists of a mesh of Phio TX nodes, also referred to as a “hive,” some of them communicating with devices that encrypt the data links (encryptors, VPNs) or any other device or application that can accept a pair of symmetric keys. Other Phio TX nodes within the hive provide multipath, load-balancing, physical media bridges, and fault tolerance.

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