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‘Quantum Uncertainty’ in Physics & National Security Policy

By IQT News posted 06 Sep 2019

(OODOloop.com) The term quantum uncertainty refers to the unique property of not being able to know the direction and speed of a particle at the same time. However, to policy makers, quantum uncertainty could also describe the confusion of defining the quantum threat to national security and countermeasures to contain it.
With most national security threats there’s an enemy that helps create focus. Unfortunately with intangible threats such as quantum computing, machine learning or material science there’s not an easily identifiable enemy against whom to create an action plan.
From a national security perspective investing in quantum safe encryption makes sense not just as a countermeasure to quantum computing attacks but existing Chinese cyber attacks.
he Made in China 2025 defines a range of strategic technologies that Beijing seeks dominance in which includes everything quantum. While Washington has announced quantum specific R&D funds they are not the 100-qubit scale to counter China. To match Made in China 2025 the US needs to restart large-scale strategic technology development and manufacturing initiatives that were shutdown after the Reagan Administration. US policy makers will require the coordination and support of Western and Asian allies to counter China’s mass.

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