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Quantum Training Platform QURECA Partners with Q-CTRL

By Sandra Helsel posted 02 May 2022

(HPCWire) QURECA (Quantum Resources & Careers) has teamed with Q-CTRL, an Australian-based technology company using quantum control to make quantum technology useful, to set an ambitious target to build a robust talent pipeline with a targeted focus on youth education through to making every C-Suite executive quantum ready through a new collaboration. IQT-News shares the announcement below.
QURECA, the first quantum training and recruitment platform, supports the development of a skilled and diverse quantum workforce. QURECA offers online training courses to learners all round the world to gain relevant skills and competencies in the field of quantum technologies.
Q-CTRL specializes in infrastructure software to deliver useful quantum computing technology to enterprises. Leveraging their world-leading expertise in quantum control and their exceptional product design and software engineering, Q-CTRL developed the EdTech platform Black Opal, to help anyone go from zero to programming real quantum computers through an intuitive and highly interactive visual interface.
The two companies are combining their expertise to deliver an interactive experience for anyone who wants to learn quantum computing, no matter their level of background knowledge. Building a robust foundation increasing an understanding of the impact and functioning of quantum computing from early career through to executive level is essential to facilitate enterprise adoption of quantum computing.
“Black Opal is the world’s leading interactive Quantum Computing EdTech platform – made by actual quantum tech professionals – that delivers all the basic skills needed to understand the true power of quantum computing through a simple modular approach,” said Q-CTRL CEO and Founder Prof. Michael J. Biercuk. “Our team has developed ‘Duolingo for quantum’ and our partnership with QURECA is helping expand our reach to build an empowered customer base and talent pipeline.”
The companies are partnering to provide impactful educational resources to motivate and prepare newcomers to quantum computing. Through their new collaboration, QURECA and Q-CTRL are working together to expand quantum education to software developers, business analysts, executives, investors, technology professionals, high school and undergraduate students, science fans, and self-learners, and to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Their joint efforts are a critical component of the global effort to build the talent pipeline needed to support the rapidly growing quantum technology industry.

Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

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