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Quantum Technology One of Three Themes in Cybersecurity Arms Race

By IQT News posted 14 Jan 2020

(TechRadar) The future (and its security), it seems, belongs to those with the computing might and the analytical heft to make sense of it all and turn it to their own advantage. The year 2020 will mark a confluence of three themes that will bring this sharply into focus: 1) Efficiency gains from intelligent tools; 2) Raw Power; 3) Default Postions.
The Raw Power discussion of this article centers on quantum technology as a route to extremely powerful processing capabilities. The major developers in this field are making headlines with each breakthrough – delivering results previously unimagined. This sort of power can have unpredicted consequences when directed at both seemingly responsible or nefarious purposes.
One particular use of quantum technology needs careful examination. Quantum systems may be able to read encrypted software and messages in a matter of hours – eroding the best standard of privacy we have today. At the same time, quantum communications can create messages that are impossible to break into or alter – ultimate security for those who need it, whatever their purpose.
This technology is still in its embryonic stage and needs a period of development before it’s ready for use in governments, corporate or consumer spheres – but it’s crucial to track its progress and ensure it’s being used for humanity’s gain, not harm. 2020 will certainly be a year where these developments in quantum really become widely known, and these questions will become urgent.

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