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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 64: Kurt Stokbro, CEO, Sparrow Quantum

Kurt Stokbro, CEO of Sparrow Quantum, speaks to host Christopher Bishop of IQT's "Quantum Tech Pod" podcast.
By Christopher Bishop posted 03 Jan 2024

My latest Quantum Tech Pod episode with Kurt Stokbro, CEO of quantum company Sparrow Quantum is live! 

Sparrow Quantum is a quantum photonics company based in Copenhagen, founded in 2016 by Professor Peter Lodahl. It is widely recognized as a leader in single photon sources, achieving the world’s highest light matter coupling efficiency. Kurt is the CEO and is also a major investor in Sparrow Quantum. 

Kurt grew up in a small town in Denmark and studied quantum mechanics at the Niels Bohr Institute, attending advanced quantum mechanics lectures given by Aage Bohr, one of Niels Bohr’s sons!

Sparrow Quantum’s flagship product is a deterministic single photon source, a superior alternative to probabilistic quantum emitters. When the photon is excited in the quantum dots, it only has one path to follow. Every time you trigger it, it will emit one photon, resulting in billions of indistinguishable photons per second. To do the same with probabilistic approaches would require millions of emitters.

Sparrow Quantum is a component provider and works with various partners. They recently initiated strategic relationships with photonic computing companies to include Sparrow Quantum’s solution in their system.

Check out my conversation with Kurt!

The Quantum Tech Pod podcast, hosted by Christopher Bishop from Inside Quantum Technology, offers a deep dive into the rapidly evolving world of quantum technology. Christopher, an industry expert, engages with leading figures in the field, discussing the latest developments, breakthroughs, and challenges in quantum computing, communication, sensing, and cryptography. The podcast is an informative platform for experts and enthusiasts, providing insights into how quantum technology shapes the future and its implications across various industries. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just curious about quantum technology, Quantum Tech Pod delivers engaging conversations illuminating this cutting-edge field.

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