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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 61: Quantum Control Stacks with Qblox Co-Founder & CEO Niels Bultink

Niels Bultink, CEO & Co-Founder, Qblox, discusses the trajectory of his company with IQT podcast host Christopher Bishop.
By Christopher Bishop posted 29 Nov 2023

Christopher Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Niels Bultink, CEO and Co-Founder of Qblox, a leading quantum company, is live! 

Chris first spoke to Niels almost two years ago and wanted to check in to see what he and his team have been up to.

Qblox provides quantum control stacks that combine unequaled noise performance and low-latency arbitrary control flows and can be scaled up to support hundreds of qubits. They have delivered over 100 systems worldwide – in the US, Europe, and Asia. Recently, the company celebrated its five-year anniversary! 

Topics they discussed included the 2.5 million euros in European Innovation Council transition funding that Qblox and SemiQon received in July – a clear indicator that this tech is actually bankable by subsidy instruments like the Council. 

Chris and Niels also talked about the partnership with QuantrolOx announced in August. Leveraging its QuantumEdge software will enable the delivery of a more hands-off solution for the automation of superconducting qubits.

 Check out Chris’s conversation with Niels!

About Qblox

Qblox is a leading provider of scalable and modular qubit control stacks. The company operates at the frontier of the quantum revolution in supporting academic and industrial labs worldwide. Its control stack, the Cluster, combines key qubit control and readout technologies with a modular solution ready to support customers using different qubit technologies. Qblox has grown to 80+ employees and continues to innovate to enable the quantum industry.

About the “Quantum Tech Pod”

The Quantum Tech Pod is an IQT podcast focusing on exclusive interviews and insights from key figures within the quantum ecosystem. From CEOs to policymakers or consultants, Quantum Tech Pod host Christopher Bishop gets to the crucial details that make quantum technology worth discussing.

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