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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 60: QKD solutions with LuxQuanta CEO Vanesa Diaz

IQT's podcast host Christopher Bishop talks to LuxQuanta CEO Vanesa Diaz about her journey into the quantum industry.
By Christopher Bishop posted 15 Nov 2023

Christopher Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Vanesa Diaz, CEO of quantum computing company LuxQuanta is live!

Vanesa grew up in a small village in the north of Spain and because she was good at math, she eventually got a degree in engineering.

Her early career found her in tech roles, but she wanted to spend less time in the lab and more time with customers and developing business strategies. So, she moved to Australia and got a Master’s degree in marketing and business!

When she returned to Europe, she landed a job at Corning, where she worked for over a decade. She has also worked at RYMSA and Vodaphone.

Her company LuxQuanta was formed in May 2021 as a spin-off from The Institute of Photonic Sciences where it was incubated for over four years.

LuxQuanta delivers Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems that can be integrated into existing network infrastructures to provide a quantum-safe layer of security on top of mathematical cryptographic techniques.

Her advice to women interested in working in quantum: “The tech industry is still very male-dominated, and it is normal to fear that you might not be able to do something new or challenging. Surround yourself with the right support – from mentors to supervisors. And don’t be afraid to fight for it!”

Check out Chris’s conversation with Vanesa at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or at this link!

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