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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 57: John Levy – CEO, Chair, Co-Founder – Seeqc

By Christopher Bishop posted 29 Sep 2023

Christopher Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with John Levy, CEO, Chair and Co-Founder of Seeqc is live!

Seeqc was spun out of Hypres in 2018 where John had served as Chair for 8 years and where he remains a board member.

His company is one of the first to have built a superconductor, multi-layer commercial chip foundry to design, test, and manufacture quantum-ready superconductors.

Seeqc recently announced a partnership with NVIDIA to build the world’s first fully digital chip-based quantum-to-GPU integration to enable error-corrected quantum supercomputing – all powered by Seeqc’s proprietary Single Flux Quantum (SFQ) technology.

This chip-based solution is compatible with all quantum computing technologies (superconducting, silicon spin, photonics, trapped ion, neutral and cold atom, topological).

Check out Chris’s conversation with John!

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