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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 52: Dr. Antti Vasara, President & CEO of VTT

By Christopher Bishop posted 12 Jul 2023

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Antti Vasara, President & CEO of VTT is live!

VTT is a state-owned and controlled non-profit, limited liability company based in Helsinki, Finland with over 2000 people. It is one of Europe’s leading research, development and innovation institutions.

Almost two years ago, the VTT Technical Research Centre deployed Finland’s first operational 5-qubit quantum computer in partnership with hardware start-up IQM. The roadmap lays out a plan to get to a 50-qubit machine by 2024.

In addition to quantum computers, VTT is also actively involved in developing quantum sensors, quantum networks and quantum cryptography solutions leveraging QKD and PQC.

VTT is also a member of Institute Q – the Finnish Quantum Institute whose goal is to raise the readiness of Finnish society for the disruptive implications that quantum technologies will have on both society and the economy at large.

To learn more about quantum innovation in Finland – check out his conversation with Dr. Vasara!

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