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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 49: Alexander Keesling, QuEra Computing CEO

By Christopher Bishop posted 03 May 2023

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Alexander Keesling, CEO, QuEra Computing Inc. is live!

Alex is an expert in quantum computing and quantum simulation with neutral atoms. While at #Harvard , he pioneered the development of programmable Rydberg atom arrays into a leading technology for quantum information processing.

Among his accomplishments are the creation and coherent control of systems with hundreds of neutral atom qubits as well as the demonstration of high-fidelity entangling gates with neutral atoms.

QuEra Computing Inc. was founded in 2018 based on pioneering research at Harvard and #MIT and is based in Boston. The company came out of stealth mode in November 2021 with $17 million in funding from Rakuten, and other investors.

QuEra is building the industry’s most scalable quantum computers to tackle useful but classically intractable problems for commercially relevant applications. Their signature machine, Aquila, is available now for general use on Amazon Braket.

Check out Chris’s conversation with Alex.

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