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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 20: Quantum Drug Discovery with POLARISqb CEO Shahar Keinan

This episode of the Quantum Tech Pod featured an interview with Neils Bultink, CEO & Co-Founder, Qblox.
By IQT News posted 02 Mar 2022

Quantum Tech Pod Host Chris Bishop today interviews POLARISqb CEO Shahar Keinan

Shahar Keinan is CEO and co-founder at POLARISqb with 15+ years of computational chemistry experience, including the previous 10 years in senior scientific and operational leadership positions. She excels at integrating scientific goals and capabilities with business objectives to craft a cohesive go-to-market strategy.

POLARISqb will revolutionize drug design by joining Quantum Computing with AI and Precision Medicine. The platform will produce up to 100 drug blueprints per year and will compress the lead time for preclinical drug candidates from 5 years to 4 months, enabling real time adaptability to the precision medicine market. POLARISqb will own an IP portfolio of drug assets to license, sell, or develop internally.

Quantum Tech Pod hopes that our conversation with  will make this an interesting, informative and worthwhile talk for you.

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