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Quantum Tech One of China’s Dual-Use Technologies for Civilian & Military

By IQT News posted 02 Oct 2019

(ModernDiplomacy) This article discusses the overall geoeconomic and technological struggle between China and the United States, the two real future competitors for world leadership.
In terms of the competition on quantum and AI technologies, the authors explain it will be in the field of frontier innovation and technology, i.e. of all the devices for coordinating and interconnecting data that will revolutionize, in particular, all future economic, political and administrative processes, including financial ones.
Future innovations will make the current quantum and IA revolution pale into insignificance, but will be based precisely on these technologies.
Think of the ability-for those who can develop such technologies-to defend themselves from computer attacks, and to develop complex and verifiable scenarios without social experiments in corpore vili. This can cause what the authors call “An unimaginable theoretical and political revolution”.
China, too, is developing quantum radars, hyper-specific sensors, new tactical and strategic AI and quantum imaging, new meteorology and automated navigation techniques. Once again we can guess China’s interest in dual-use quantum technologies, especially in view of China’s already announced economic shift towards Blue Economy and environmental protection.
As early as 2012, again upon President Xi Jinping’s order, the Quantum Experiments of Space Scale (QUESS) was funded. China has already launched Mucius, a quantum satellite put into orbit by a “Long March” missile in August 2016. In China the QKD quantum cryptography is already a reality and is physically inviolable.
In the planned time schedule, China will develop its own quantum and AI strategy in three phases. Firstly, to synchronize the current general technology and the widespread AI application – at world standard level – by the end of 2020. Secondly, to create a new generation of Artificial Intelligence theory and technology. Thirdly, to soon develop – for the Chinese leadership – a new heuristic and quantum theory of intelligent computing.

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